Who we are

We are a business consultancy focused on web technologies and their integration in successful business processes with return on investment in the focus.

How we do it

We put decades of combined information, development and business processes experience to serve as a foundation for web technologies for our clients.


Deep front- and back-end analysis of all the important aspects of the web presence are the core of our business. A thorough knowledge of business processes allows us a meaningful advising on integration of web technologies into business processes, improving efficacy and increasing productivity.


A thorough analysis based on human reaction and industry-recognized methods is our core business. We use proven software methods to analyze all front- and back-end technologies and we focus on human-based analysis to get the best possible insight on visitors' interaction with the website.

Impact evaluation

Before putting it all in place, a thorough impact evaluation is needed to create the starting point and parameters for tracking the website impact on visitors and business performance. That includes advice our client can use to track the website performance over time and take necessary actions to respond to customers' requests.

Strategic incorporation

After deep analysis of current technologies in place and website-customer interaction, we closely cooperate with clients to find the best, fastest and resource-effective way to incorporate our advice into web requirements into clients' technologies and business procedures. Goal tracking is incorporated in every step of the process.


We follow streamline procedures internally established to focus on user interaction and effective deliver of website content.

Client's goals

We are aligning client's wishes to the existing state of technology, business processes and resources needed. That is why we work closely with our clients, adjusting technologies and processes to streamline the implementation of improved website, while at the same time achieving maximum customer satisfaction and minimum possible cost of implementation.


Our team is conducting human-based analysis of website impact on customer relations and feedback. From subjective speed, to user interface organization, the whole process is focused on website visitors because analysis based on software only can be misleading in terms of visitors experience. A strong focus on users is what's makes us different from others.

Creating strategy

The creation of strategy is based on three pillars: cost-effective procedure, checkpoint based timeline, and customer satisfaction. Together with the client, we define all necessary steps and the easiest way to incorporate our advice without interruption of current business procedures, while thinking about cost at all times.


Vesna Sesvecan

Vesna worked in a range of companies, from the smallest to the biggest, before co-founding Histerius company. She was a graphic expert, TV assistant director, writer and editor, and now is full-time Chief Executive Officer. She owns POST Online Media.

Stjepan Skramic

Stjepan worked as a programmer, designer, analysts, and editor, before that proud ex IBMer stepped into the full-time role of Chief Technology Officer as Histerius co-founder.


Livadiceva 9
10000 Zagreb, Croatia